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  • Qualities of a Dependable Commercial Roofer

Qualities of a Dependable Commercial Roofer

Your business’s roof is not to be taken lightly since you must trust it to hold your business together. This means developing a level of trust in your commercial roofer to preserve and protect that roof. That relationship cannot be taken lightly either, so look for these hallmarks of a dependable commercial roofer. […]

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  • Make your Roof last

Simple Steps to Make Your Commercial Roof Last

Commercial roofing products are constantly improving, and by those incremental improvements, lasting longer. Your commercial roofer may have installed a built-up roof a decade ago and just replaced it with with a single-ply membrane; that membrane could last 20 or more years. Helping your commercial roofing to last, no matter the material, is a goal not only of your facilities crew but of your commercial roofer. […]

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  • 4 Things to Never Do to Your Commercial Roof

4 Things to Never Do to Your Commercial Roof

Concrete dates back to the Romans. It is hard, durable and ideal for sidewalks. Single-ply commercial roofing membrane is only a few decades old. It is thin, durable and not intended for foot traffic. Treating your commercial roof like it is a sidewalk is only one of four things you should never do to the commercial roofing products protecting your business. […]

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  • What You Need to Know about the Biggest Liabilities to Commercial Roofs

What You Need to Know about Liabilities to Commercial Roofs

A liability for a property owner generally connotes insurance. Yet liabilities are simply are simply obligations you have, as in being responsible for the integrity of your commercial roof. What liabilities does your roof create for you and your commercial roofer? […]

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Leaks and Commercial Roofs

Everything You Need to Know about Leaks and Commercial Roofs

Your commercial roofer may tell you that your business’s roof is a bit like a desert. Vast areas of it are downright boring. A few spots are where all the action is. Leak action, that is. Most of your industrial or commercial roof is just a stretch of single-ply, modified bitumen or some other roofing material. Piercings, add-ons and edges are the trouble spots — not exactly oases, but definitely water-prone areas. […]

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  • BLOGS-commercial-cleaning

What You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Cleaning

Most companies do not ask their employees to wear disposable uniforms. If you are a Tampa Bay company intent on turning a profit, remaining in business for many years, and attracting customers, you use a uniform cleaning service. Worn clothes go out for a thorough wash and new uniforms are delivered for your employees to wear. You cannot send your company’s roof out for cleaning, but your commercial roofer can provide similar service for many of the same reasons you want clean uniforms for your employees. […]

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  • why a roofer should work on your HVAC system

3 Important Reasons Why You Need a Roofer to Work on Your A/C

Building trades often fall into very specific roles. You would not ask a plumber to install low voltage lighting for your Tampa plant, for example. You would not call an electrician to re-attach roof flashing on your Tampa industrial building. Would you, though, ask a Tampa commercial roofer to work with you on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems? In some cases, the answer should be, “Yes!” […]

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  • Aderhold Roofing Your Roof & Florida Weather

What You Need to Know about Your Roof and Florida Weather

In Florida, both sunshine and rain do real, measurable damage to a commercial building’s roof. Combine them with a little wind, and you have three weather patterns that do the most damage to commercial roofs. […]

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  • Aderhold Roofing How to Make your Roof Max Out its Value

How to Make Your Roof Max Out Its Value

You expect the investment you made in your commercial roof to provide returns — in the form of protection for your business — for at least a decade. You can increase your return on investment (ROI) by extending the life of your roof and getting it to perform double duty. […]

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  • prepare for critical roofing issues

How to Prepare for These 3 Critical Roof Repairs

  Most roof repair work is localized, small and not done as an emergency response. As a commercial building owner or facilities manager, do you know what to do when any one of the three worst roofing emergencies occurs on your watch? […]

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