• Red Flag Chaser

Red Flags Your Roofer Might be a Storm Chaser

Tampa’s strong storms bring out the best in people. They also, unfortunately, bring out the worst sorts of people: storm chasers, who prey on businesses big and small to turn a fast buck. Learn to recognize and avoid Tampa commercial roofing companies whose only goal is not to perform proper storm repair but to rip you off. […]

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  • Be Ready for 2018 Storms

Be Ready Now for 2018 Storms

Here on Florida's Gulf Coast, it's virtually impossible for a commercial property to escape wear and damage from stormy weather. Being prepared in advance gives you the best chance to limit the extent of damage to your building's roof from both minor and major weather events. Here's what you can do to help preserve your [...]

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  • How Only a Tampa Roofer can Help After Storm Damage

How Only a Tampa Roofer can Help After Storm Damage

When a destructive storm hits the gulf coast of Florida, the news typically attracts many out-of-state roofers to our area. Some come here with the best of intentions, while others are hoping to make some easy money, then promptly leave. Regardless of an out-of-town roofer’s ethics, they simply don’t have the local knowledge able required to make effective repairs to commercial roofs in the Tampa area. […]

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  • Local trusted roofer after storm

Why You Want a Local Trusted Roofer after a Storm

When a major storm hits the Tampa area and causes widespread damage, property owners who don’t have an established relationship with a trusted local roofer can give in to desperation and take whatever “help” is available. If you can’t vet a roofer properly, you can end up paying for sub-par service and shoddy workmanship that leaves you dealing with additional headaches and repair costs down the road. Choosing a knowledgeable local roofer now not only assures you of a fast response when you need help in an emergency, but it also offers these additional benefits when you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature: […]

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  • 3 Ways Tampa Storm Damage can Wreck Your Roof

3 Ways Tampa Storm Damage can Wreck Your Roof

Even though we enjoy more than our fair share of warm, sunny days here in the Tampa area, our location on the Gulf also exposes commercial properties in the area to extreme weather that can easily wreck the roof. Here are three ways that storm damage can impact your Tampa commercial roofing: […]

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  • Ways to help your roofer after storm damage

Ways You Can Best Help Your Roofer After Storm Damage

Florida was hit hard during the past hurricane season, and 2018 is expected to be another year of above-normal Atlantic activity. This makes it critical to plan ahead in case your property’s roof gets damaged by a severe weather event. Make sure you develop strategies like the following for ongoing roof care, what to do immediately after a storm, and how you can best facilitate the repair and restoration process. […]

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  • Worse Storm Scenarios

Worst Storm Scenarios and How to Prepare

Storms are a fact of life here on Florida’s scenic west coast, and they can cause significant damage to your commercial roof. While it’s impossible to prevent storm damage entirely, you can help limit its severity by considering these “worst case” scenarios and how to prepare for them: […]

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  • How to Avoid Storm Chasers after a Storm

How to Avoid Storm Chasers after a Storm

Storms come and go through Florida, and unfortunately, so do unscrupulous storm chasing roofers. A storm chaser is a roofer with no local address, no permanent crew and no credentials showing professional connections to your community. Storm chasers swoop in after hurricanes, hoping to cash in on distressed Tampa-area business owners who are in a hurry to have their companies’ roofs fixed. The storm chaser takes your insurance company’s money, does a substandard job and disappears.  Avoid storm chasers by following these tips. […]

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  • 3 Things You Want from Your Commercial Roofer

3 Things You Want from Your Commercial Roofer

The Girl Scout Law says a Girl Scout will be “honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do.” These are exactly the sort of qualities most businesses would wish from their commercial roofer. Which three, though, should be most important to you? […]

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  • Facts about Commercial Roof Preservation

Facts about Commercial Roof Preservation

Somewhere between patching a roof for basic roof repair and complete tear-off lies the practical and economical middle ground of commercial roof preservation. For any facilities manager nagged by an aging roof and cornered by limited capital, preservation of a commercial roof is a great strategy for getting the most out of existing infrastructure. […]

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