Tampa gets nearly four feet of rain a year. For low-slope commercial roofs, all that rain can mean roof leaks. Through hurricanes or just typical showers, your commercial property’s roof gets pelted, drowned, swamped and deluged with upwards of seven inches of rain a month. Fortunately, all that rain also gives Aderhold Roofing plenty of experience with roof repair and leak prevention.

Leak Prevention


We serve our customers best by preventing the roof leaks that can damage your commercial property’s interior. From soggy insulation in the roof deck down to unsightly water stains on ceilings, water infiltration is bad for business:

  • Damaged inventory
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Mold and mildew formation
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Electrical dangers

Aderhold Roofing can work with you to prevent leaks in the first place. Trained inspectors with our annual maintenance plans can find trouble spots early, and our expert crews can make repairs to all types of roofs swiftly. Tenants, customers and employees will never know an open seam or damaged flashing on the roof could have led to water leaks in your building.

Roof Repair

If you are unable to prevent the leaks, Aderhold Roofing can certainly stop them. As soon as we can safely work on your roof, we can get our crews up to inspect the damage, identify the leak source, and make sound repairs. Often in low-slope roofs the site of water infiltration is far removed from where the damage appears inside. We have the tools and experience to correctly trace the leak’s source, whether it is from a tear in the single-ply membrane, seam separation, or degradation around an interior drain.

Emergency Service

Aderhold Roofing offers prompt dispatch to address storm-related damage. We can have crews on your roof to make temporary repairs, often on the same day, so that water leaks stop until we can make more substantial repairs at a schedule convenient to you and your building hours.

We know how to work with insurance companies, and will always communicate clearly with you, your facilities manager, or the contact person you designate. We are committed to the highest quality of work and the best customer service possible.

Contact our offices today to learn more about Aderhold Roofing’s repair service and leak department.

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