Just as with your commercial property’s interior, your building’s roof benefits from regular maintenance. An investment in a new roof can pay off far past the normal lifespan of a roof when you arrange for regular inspections, routine maintenance and timely repairs. To get the greatest return on investment (ROI) of a low-slope roof in the Tampa area, team with Aderhold Roofing for a roofing maintenance program.


Tampa buildings face heavy rains, high winds, beating sun and the occasional hurricane. Your business’s roof shoulders most of this weather burden, preventing water infiltration and its damaging effects:

  • Ruined inventory
  • Electrical problems
  • Mold and mildew formation
  • Soggy insulation
  • Foul odors

Aderhold Roofing can develop a maintenance plan for your commercial property that changes seasonally to uncover and repair small problems. We can ensure the aesthetic beauty of your property’s interior with waterproof coatings, seam repairs, drain maintenance and more.

Code Compliance

Florida’s strong hurricane damage mitigation codes and building codes are tough—some of the strongest in the nation. This helps prevent flying debris from becoming missiles to tear up roofs, damage automobiles, and injure employees and customers.

Aderhold Roofing is thoroughly familiar with the applicable codes and can keep your building in full compliance. The codes change almost annually. Why dedicate staff time and money to have in-house crews keep up with the changes when Aderhold Roofing can make code compliance part of the annual maintenance agreement?

Maintain and Gain

When you pay a small amount for annual or semiannual inspections and routine maintenance, you invest a little and gain a lot. Your maintenance plan can delay roof tear-off and replacement by years, during which time you can plan thoughtfully for the right time to replace the roof.


Aderhold Roofing will completely document the current state of your commercial property’s roof, noting the type of roofing material, condition of flashing, wear patterns, drainage and more. We will track potential trouble spots and provide prompt, minor repairs before they turn into huge, expensive budget-busters.

As your partner in roof maintenance, Aderhold Roofing will work with you not only to maintain and repair your existing roof, but to plan for its eventual replacement. Who better to trust with repairs and replacement than the roofing contractor who knows your roof best?

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