In the Tampa area, the roofs of commercial properties can last just a few years, or last for more than twenty years. Correct installation matters, of course, but to increase the useful life of a commercial roof, you need proper maintenance. At Aderhold Roofing we have more than two decades of experience in preserving and maintaining commercial roofs.

Roof Inspection

Good commercial roof preservation begins with accurate inspection. When Aderhold Roofing inspects your commercial roof, we know where to look for problems, so small repair jobs do not turn into big ones:

  • Flashing
  • Seams
  • Scuppers and internal drains
  • Parapets
  • Mechanical fasteners

We know to check areas where rub patterns can erode ballast, such as add-ons (satellite dishes, HVAC units, window washing equipment) and walkways. We document your roof’s current condition and can provide a detailed plan to increase the lifespan of your existing commercial roof.


The roof inspection guides our expert crews to address immediate concerns, to keep your business waterproof. We go beyond the minor repairs, too, to help get the longest possible service out of an older roof:

  • Coatings—Waterproofing and light-reflective coatings can help your roof lower your energy bill while preventing water infiltration
  • Repair—Whether your existing roof is modified bitumen, single ply or something else, we analyze the surface to determine the best bond in a repair; this is important, because some roofing companies slap any repair material down without regard to the existing surface, weakening the original roof and setting up a chain reaction of chemical breakdown and water leakage


The Tampa sun is cruel to low-slope roofs. Your commercial property is exposed to near-tropical sunlight that breaks down the roofing material’s chemicals. It is pelted with hurricane-force rain and winds. Your investment in a durable commercial roof deserves protection, since it protects your business, inventory, employees, tenants and customers.

Complete tear-off and replacement is a huge expense for most businesses, and one that Aderhold Roofing works to avoid if possible. We will work with you to chart the most economical way to preserve your existing roof, while planning for its eventual necessary replacement.


Consider Aderhold Roofing your experienced partner in commercial roof preservation. Contact our offices today to learn how we can help keep your roof in service for years to come.

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