3 Best Tips To Protect Your Roof During The Rainy and Hurricane Seasons

The rainy season and hurricanes can do a lot of damage to the roof of your building. Fortunately, working with the best commercial roofer in Tampa, Aderhold Roofing, can help you limit the damage. There are a few things that we recommend doing to make sure that your roof survives. Here are our three best tips to protect your roof during the rainy and hurricane seasons.

Get Your Roof Inspected

No matter what roofing system you have, the roof is only as strong as its foundation. Prior to any major storms, have your roof inspected. This inspection can reveal any potential problems, like leaks, pooling, and deformities in your roof. Since you know they are there, you can plan accordingly. If possible, have any problems fixed as soon as possible. This will give your entire roof the best chance of surviving intense weather.

Clean the Gutters and Surface

If you have gutters, make sure that they are clear of debris. Gutters are designed to carry water safely off of the roof and away from the building. If they are clogged, then water will not flow off of the roof so easily. In fact, the roof may have problems with water pooling on it since the flow is obstructed.

When you clean the gutters, also clean the surface of your roof. This will wash away stuck-on dirt that can change the roof’s shape and how water flows over it. In some cases, thick layers of dirt can also keep water trapped on the roof and cause pooling and other issues. If your roof needs to be repaired or inspected, having it clean is important. It is easier to see where problems are on a clean roof than a dirty one. Also, some roofs are made to reflect sunlight. Cleaning these roofs lets the reflective color or coating work more efficiently, which can lower your cooling costs.

Remove Tall Hazards and Tree Branches

If you have any tall hazards on your property, like palm trees or decorative sculptures, you should either move them or remove them. Tall hazards like these can be easily toppled over in strong winds. Falling over into the path of your building can cause major damage to your roof.

It doesn’t take much force for a branch to damage a roof. Even if ranches do not put holes in your roof, being blown across it can leave scratches that eventually wear down parts of your roof. It is best to make sure that nothing can fall onto your roof that will cause damage and or that cannot be easily removed.

Prepare Early

Begin all of your preparations before the season starts. As a leading roofing company, we can perform services such as commercial roof waterproofing in Tampa, but not when the weather is bad. The sooner you prepare for the season, the more options you’ll have. Work with us to make sure that your commercial roof is in good condition during the rainy season, and all year.

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