3 Cool Things to Know about Flat Roofs

Tampa and surrounding Hillsborough County are tourist and commercial centers, with the county attracting some 22 million people in 2015, according to Tourism Economics. A slice of their $3.6 billion in tourist dollars could find its way to your commercial property, if you take advantage of one of the cooler aspects of a flat roof.

Flat Roof = Profit Center

If your Tampa property is a hotel, restaurant, motel, cafe, pub or similar establishment, consider a rooftop patio. Your Tampa commercial roofer can work with you to determine what modifications might be needed to transform all that square footage into a hip, cool, vibrant rooftop party place.

Where you see only HVAC units, an engineer and the experts at Aderhold Roofing can envision weatherproof seating, railings, mood lighting and a panoply of stars above the heads of giddy guests.

Get a Charge

Crunch these numbers: 365.25 – 81.25 = 244; it is the number of sunny or partially sunny days in Tampa annually. Your Tampa roof, even if it is not conducive to the tourist trade, can be great spot for solar panels that deliver free electricity to your business. With 27 percent of Tampa’s days being completely sunny, you have plenty of opportunity to tap the free energy beaming down on your flat roof.

A solar array on a flat roof is easy to service, leaves a very small footprint on the existing roofing material, and can be installed with relative ease by coordinating with your Tampa commercial roofer and a local solar energy contractor.

Not only will you reap lower energy bills, you can get money-back rebates from TECO and pay no state sales tax on solar components. All for making good use of a flat roof.

A Passive Punch

Another cool thing about your company’s flat roof is its ability to cool your building. With the right mix of rooftop insulation and reflective roofing material, your Tampa commercial roofer can install a cool roof, one that lowers cooling costs by reflecting sunlight away from the building.

For the one-time cost of installing cool roofing elements, your building can help lower cooling costs, making every part of your Tampa commercial building more comfortable through the long, hot summers. Aderhold Roofing can help you see more benefits to your flat roof. Contact us today to set up a site visit and to discuss other ways to save with your flat roof.

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