3 Creative Solutions to Forego a Roof Replacement

Commercial roofing contractors in Tampa make roof repairs often because of the weather. Heavy rain, hurricanes, and blistering sun can wear a roof quickly. If you are proactive about repairs, then there are several ways to prevent a roof replacement. The key is knowing which option is right for your situation. Here are three creative ways to forego a roof replacement.

Roof Repair

You can avoid replacing your roof by repairing it regularly. Being proactive about repairs can prevent widespread damage to the rest of the roof or the building. Work with a commercial roof specialist on roof preservation in Tampa. That way, you can get the full lifespan of your roof.

Roof repairs do not have to be extensive or expensive. Schedule regular inspections and maintenance with your roofing company. The sooner you catch problems, the more you can limit the potential damage. Even extensive repairs can save your roof from needing to be replaced.

Roof Recover

The most cost-effective option is to recover an existing roof. Recovering a roof means installing a new coating on top of the old one. The new roof layer will protect your existing roof for many more years, without needing replacement. It is usually made from asphalt or another synthetic material, but new roof recover products are developing every day.

This solution really depends on the lower layers of the roofing system not being saturated. Once there is excessive water intrusion, roof recovers become ineffective as the trapped moisture and gasses will find their way through the new roofing system, creating issues. Aderhold Roofing has thermal imaging technology in FLIR cameras as well as drones to help determine how saturated the roofing system is. But, we can use repairs and maintenance plans to stop the water intrusion, dry out the old roofing system, and then apply the recover or coating to the roof.

Recovers also depend on how many roofing systems are already installed. Florida allows for 2 roofing systems, which is why the recover is available. Once a roof has 2 roofing systems installed, any other roofing system installed would have to come with a complete tear-off of the existing roofing systems.

Roof Coating

Another way to fix damage without replacing the entire roof is by applying a coating over the entire roof. Coatings can be effective in slowing down or preventing the development of a problem, but may not be a viable solution for more severe damage. Coating repairs are less expensive, because they do not require stripping off of any old materials. All that is needed is to apply coatings like roof shingles on top of each other to make sure there are no voids in the protection.

Coatings for Leaking Roofs

Anti-leak coatings can prevent damage to your commercial property by making the rook leak resistant. Applied properly, coatings can control water flow over your surface of choice. The top coating is the first line of defense against water intrusion. It will keep moisture from coming in through your roof, therefore preventing leaks.

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