3 Qualities You Don’t Want to See in Your Commercial Roofer

Sadly, bad commercial roofers are all too common in our industry. You can avoid dealing with substandard roofers and the headaches they leave behind by watching for these three, less than stellar, qualities you do not want to see in your commercial roofer.

1. Poor Communication

Everything from a company’s website to business cards to their telephone answering strategy will tell you if that commercial roofer communicates well. Communication between a client business and a commercial roofer is vital, since clear expectations can only come from clear understanding. Does the roofer respond to initial inquiries quickly? Is the office staffed with real people or do you always land in a voicemail menu? Is the website updated frequently, accurate, and edited correctly? You might think these are tangential to good roofing work, but consider: if the roofer cannot bother to communicate with customers clearly, what is she or he telling the company employees? How is your roof being inspected, repaired or installed correctly if the roofer cannot even answer a telephone call?

2. Callbacks

Ask potential roofers how they handle callbacks. Be very wary of the roofer who claims never to need them. Be wary of a roofer who seems reluctant to return to a job site, too. Callbacks—returning to a job to fix some minor overlooked issue—are built in to most roofers’ schedules. Prompt callbacks are good customer service and a sign of quality. Avoiding callbacks means the roofer knows the work is substandard.

3. Paperwork Procrastination

Permits, warranties, and roof inspection reports are all paperwork details that truly matter. Unfortunately many a Tampa commercial roofer will “overlook” permitting, “accidentally” fail to register a warranty, or “forget” to provide a printed roof inspection report.

Permits are required by law in Tampa. Manufacturers provide warranties to support their products. An inspection report is the starting point for sound financial planning for roof repair and maintenance. A good Tampa commercial roofer recognizes the importance of details, from paperwork, to PVC, to parapets. Your best strategy for avoiding a bad commercial roofer is to interview prospective roofers, ask for and check their references, and inspect recent work.

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