3 Questions to Ask Your Tampa Roofer Before Storm Season

No Tampa roofing contractor can work in this area without encountering the effects of our local storm season. From June through November, our region is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean’s harshest hurricanes, but in between the heavy weather we also face thunderstorms, sudden showers, and rainy days. The Tampa Bay Times predicts a strong 2018 hurricane season just one year after “one of the most devastating seasons on record.” All that precipitation combines with high winds to wreak havoc on a commercial roof.

Local Experience

The first question to ask any Tampa roofing contractor before allowing them onto your commercial property’s roof is about their local experience. Have they been around long enough to experience a Tampa hurricane season? Do they know, first-hand, the awesome power of hurricane winds and the deluge of water that accompanies storms like Irma or Maria?

Without earned knowledge about a hurricane’s damage to a roof, that Tampa roofing contractor may underestimate the need for spot repairs, overlook flashing damage, or discount depressions that invite ponding.

Inspect and Protect

During the inspection, be sure to ask your Tampa roofing contractor for specific information about weak spots on your roof:

  • Depressed insulation — This leads to ponding, which worsens over time
  • Seams
  • Flashing
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Plant growth — Where algae or rooted plants grow, water sits; where water sits, leaks occur

Ask the roofer for specific strategies to protect these soft spots. How will the contractor address open seams, oblong holes around mechanical fasteners, or punctured flashing?

What About Wind?

Water infiltration is always bad, so expect a roofing contractor to talk a lot about preventing that. Yet in storm season, Tampa commercial roofs suffer from wind damage, too. Experts at Facilities Net remind us that wind moves everyday objects at such speeds, they become missiles. This wind-tossed debris scours and tears away at a roof, whether it is a membrane or ballasted BUR. Questions to ask your Tampa roofing contractor during the inspection:

  1. How will you protect against wind damage?
  2. How can we minimize potential wind damage?
  3. What cleaning regimen prevent loose material from building up on the roof?

Long before the worst storms hit our area, please contact us at Aderhold Roofing. We have been your local, trustworthy Tampa roofing contractor for many years. We know how to handle storm damage. For storm readiness to annual roof inspection to quality re-roofing, rely on Aderhold Roofing.

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