3 Super Savvy Ways to Make Your Roof Work for You

Clever Tampa business owners and facilities managers have many ways to turn overhead into revenue, and a commercial roof is one place to start. As Forbes magazine outlines, any cost center can turn into a profit center if you kill overhead costs, invent revenue from the expense, and support your business’s overall strategy.

Kill Overhead Costs

Work with your commercial roofer to find the balance between roof preservation and losing money on a failing roof. While a waterproof coating could add several years of life to a mature roof, a capital investment in a new roof could carry your business into the next two decades at lower overall cost than the price of semiannual repairs.

Another way to decrease roof expenses is to choose new roofing material wisely. Single-ply products, for example, need almost no maintenance, but are more expensive initially than older methods (built-up roofing — BUR — or modified bitumen). BUR and modified bitumen are cheaper to install but require substantial maintenance costs.

Invent Revenue

A roof is a vast expanse of largely untapped space for most Tampa businesses. How much real estate would you need to, for example, rent out space for a radio mast or satellite dish? Even if your own business does not need either piece of technology, you may be able to invent revenue by leasing roof space to a communications company.

If embarking on a rental strategy, ensure roof preservation by having your partner in commercial roofing, your local Tampa roofing contractor, inspect and ready the section of roof to be given over to the new venture.

Support Your Business

Your business’s roof can support your business goals, too. Suppose you have an overall strategy to reduce power consumption by 10 percent. A highly reflective roof coating applied to an existing roof can help lower cooling costs. But cool roofs go beyond simple cost calculations; position your business as environmentally friendly to Tampa, and show you are helping to reduce the heat island effect’s worst issues:

  • Increasing summertime peak energy demand
  • Climbing air conditioning costs
  • Air pollution
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Heat-related illness and mortality
  • Water quality

Everything on that list is vital to Tampa’s commerce and tourism; your business can capitalize on the goodwill and positive public relations. Contact us at Aderhold Roofing to help not just with commercial roof preservation, but positioning your business as a community leader.

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