4 Things to Never Do to Your Commercial Roof

Concrete dates back to the Romans. It is hard, durable and ideal for sidewalks. Single-ply commercial roofing membrane is only a few decades old. It is thin, durable and not intended for foot traffic. Treating your commercial roof like it is a sidewalk is only one of four things you should never do to the commercial roofing products protecting your business.

Invite Foot Traffic

Discourage foot traffic on your building’s roof not just to avoid slips and falls, but to preserve the commercial roofing material itself. Single-ply membrane and other roofing substances are tough but are not meant to hold up under daily pedestrian use. Consider the damage a pair of pointed heels could do to TPO, EPDM or modified bitumen.

Expect rooftop visitors to stick to the installed walkways, and keep a visitor’s log so you know who has been on the roof and for what purpose. Discourage casual visits by keeping access doors and hatches locked.

Defer Maintenance

One of the most damaging things you can do to your roof is postpone required maintenance and repairs. You may save a few dollars in this year’s budget, but you will pay far more in future years for today’s neglect.

Annual inspection and routine minor repairs extend your commercial roofing product’s life. Though it may cost a few percent of what a new roof will cost, it is money wisely spent.

Never Clean It

Keeping your commercial roof clean accomplishes several goals:

  • Improved public relations — A clean roof has customer appeal and suggests an organized business
  • Reduces damage — Wind-borne debris can scour and scuff the roof surface as it is dragged across it
  • Prevents leaks — Keeping internal drains and parapet scuppers clear of debris allows water to flow instead of ponding
  • Adds life — A clean commercial roofing surface lasts longer
  • Lessens cooling load — A dark, moss-covered or algae-covered roof absorbs heat and drives up your cooling bill

Do It Yourself

Avoid assigning your facilities crew to roof repair work. First, it is dangerous — edges are closer than they appear. Second, your crew members are not experts trained in proper roof repair. Third, their actions could void any warranty that could cover the expense of bringing in trained roofers, like the pros at Aderhold Roofing.

Please consider teaming with Aderhold Roofing to prevent doing more harm than good on your commercial roof. Contact us today. We know our business, and want to protect yours.

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