Advantages of Aerial Drone Roof Inspections for Your Commercial Property

Are you in need of a commercial roof inspection in Tampa? For many, these inspections can seem daunting because of cost, time commitment, and safety concerns. The good news is, the latest technology in aerial drone roof inspection puts many of these concerns to rest. 

For more on why you should get an aerial inspection for your commercial roof, read on.

Increased Safety

One of the top reasons to get an aerial drone roof inspection is the added safety benefit. With no roofer being required to climb a ladder and walk around a roof, there is no risk of slipping and falling or damaging the roof itself. 

Not only does this benefit the roofers, but it also benefits occupants of the building and the building owners. Drones offer an in-depth, no-contact option for roof inspections. This increases overall safety as well as allows for a more detailed look at your roof.

Faster Inspections

Another benefit for aerial drone roof inspections is the opportunity to work faster. Rather than spending time setting up ladders, carefully walking around a roof, and avoiding any dangerous and damaged areas, drones eliminate these tasks entirely. 

While setup on a traditional inspection can take up a lot of time, so can collecting data and producing a report on the condition of the roof. However, drone technology makes it simple to gather and analyze data, pinpointing problem areas on a commercial roof quickly. Oftentimes, drones can even transmit data to the team of roofers on the ground while the inspection is taking place.

Decreased Costs

With fewer safety risks and less time needed for an aerial drone roof inspection, you’ll also experience a significant decrease in cost. You’ll no longer have to pay for extensive labor or gear costs, as there are fewer roofers and tools needed on the job.  

This also often reduces insurance costs, since drones ultimately eliminate safety risks for roofers.

Use a Drone for Your Next Commercial Roof Inspection

These are only a few of the benefits of using drones for your commercial roof inspection. If you’re looking to save time and money on your next commercial roof repair in Tampa, consider opting for an aerial drone inspection. 

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