Big Benefits For Your Building With Roof Cleaning

Has the roof on your commercial property accumulated a layer of dirt and debris? This is unavoidable because over time, air-borne pollutants, mold, mildew, algae, moss and numerous other organisms and contaminants are bound to collect on a roof. Not only is a dirt buildup unsightly, it can cause deterioration and premature aging of your roofing material. The solution: scheduling annual professional roof cleaning.

What’s Involved in Commercial Roof Cleaning?

Cleaning a commercial roof is a task best left to an experienced professional who knows how to use the most effective cleaning solutions and equipment without harming your roof. The procedures a pro uses also differ depending on your type of roof:

  • Asphalt shingles need to be sprayed with an oxygen-based cleaner, followed by a “soft” rinse. Asphalt should not be pressure-washed at the risk of stripping off the granules and leaving the substrate vulnerable to deterioration.
  • Membrane roofs should have an eco-friendly, high-pH cleaning solution sprayed on to break down the layer of accumulated debris. Then, a pressure washer is used to remove the loosened material and restore the surface.
  • Standing seam metal needs a mild, biodegradable cleaning solution applied first, followed by low-pressure washing so there’s no danger of denting the metal.

Advantages of Having Your Commercial Roof Cleaned

Making cleaning a part of your roof maintenance plan offers some appreciable benefits:

  • Prolonged lifespan. It’s easier to identify degradation, wear and damage on a clean roof. This allows you to have needed roof repairs addressed promptly, which extends the roof’s expected lifespan and boosts your ROI on the asset.
  • Improved aesthetics. If your property has a steep slope roof that’s quite visible, you’ll make a much better first impression by presenting a clean, attractive roof to potential tenants or customers.
  • Warranty compliance. Manufacturers typically have a requirement for reasonable roof care and upkeep that must be met before they’ll honor a warranty claim.
  • Energy savings. If your commercial building has a membrane roof, having it cleaned can help lower the surface temperature. If you’ve had a reflective roof coating applied to limit heat transfer and reduce your cooling costs, keeping the membrane clean is essential to maximize its reflective qualities and maximize your savings.

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