Facts about Commercial Roof Preservation

Somewhere between patching a roof for basic roof repair and complete tear-off lies the practical and economical middle ground of commercial roof preservation. For any facilities manager nagged by an aging roof and cornered by limited capital, preservation of a commercial roof is a great strategy for getting the most out of existing infrastructure.

What is Commercial Roof Preservation?

Any plan that incorporates inspection, repair and preventive maintenance, all specifically with a goal of extending the life of an existing roof, can be considered preservation services of your roof. Whether you oversee a small storefront business with a charming Mansard shingled roof or a logistical center with a sprawling 100,000-square-foot single-ply roof, commercial roof preservation can help you save money, postpone tear-off and replacement, and minimize business disruptions.

Steps to Preservation

Key to thinking about long-term success with an older Tampa roof is having a guiding plan to preserve existing roofing assets:

  • Initial inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Immediate repair
  • Waterproof coatings

These four steps can help turn one of the most expensive features of any commercial building — the roof — from a budget-busting headache into a contributor to your bottom line.

How Preservation Makes Money

Suppose (in simplified, round numbers) your single-ply roof cost your company $480,000 six years ago. If you had to replace it today, you paid $80,000 a year for its service life. If roofing preservation can add another six years to your existing roof, your annual outlay drops to $40,000.

Roof preservation programs generally cost only a few percentage points of the cost of a new roof, so for possibly as little as $28,800 (one percent times six years) you could double your (nearly) half-million dollar roof’s useful life. That is like putting as much as $451,200 back into your Tampa business.

Partners in Preservation

Your local, reliable commercial roofer will have unique ideas about roof preservation, especially under conditions like Tampa’s near-tropical sun. Your particular roof may require seam repair and pressure washing, while another low-slope roof may only require inspection and waterproofing. When you partner with a roofer tuned into roof preservation, instead of just a quick sale for reroofing, you will decrease maintenance costs and increase your roof’s return on investment (ROI).

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