Floridians Beware: Say No to Roof Repair Solicitation

More than just hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, there is another threat to homeowner’s insurance policy holders in Florida. Roofing repair fraud schemes are running rampant with door-to-door solicitors offering a free repair fully covered by insurance. 

These runaway litigations filed by a select group of attorneys contributed to more than 50,000 homeowners being dropped from their insurance in 2021 alone. With average rates in Florida already being more than double the national average, homeowners are also at risk for increasing rates. 

As legislators work to control lawsuits filed by roofing contractors, be sure to verify your contractors before agreeing to any roof repairs or replacements. Over the last 11 years, Aderhold Roofing has been trusted by many of the top owners and building management companies in Tampa. For any commercial or multi-family roofing concerns, contact us today.

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