Help Your Roof Last Longer with These 3 Simple Actions

A high-quality commercial roof installation can cost into the tens of thousands; it is a major investment that deserves attention and preservation. Too often, of course, other down-to-earth matters intrude. Customers complain. Employees call out sick. You may feel you have no time for looking after your rooftop investment. Here are three simple actions you can take, today, to help your roof last longer.

1. Sunscreen

Partner with a top professional commercial roofer such as Aderhold Roofing to find the best method of reducing ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage. Usually this means a waterproof, reflective coating applied atop your existing roofing material. This does triple duty:

  • Reduces the risk of water infiltration
  • Reflects back that semitropical sun that tortures Tampa roofs, lowering your central air conditioning and air handling costs
  • Preserves the roofing material by preventing UV rays from breaking down the complex chemicals in your felts, membrane or asphalt.

2. Cut Back

Cut back in two ways:

  1. Cut back branches and growth that overhangs your commercial roof — You probably should opt to have this done by trained professionals with the right safety equipment; careful trimming prevents impact damage from falling deadwood and helps discourage pests from using your low-slope roof as their private playground
  2. Cut back on rooftop visits — Do this for two reasons: the less foot traffic, the less chance you run of having someone get hurt or fall; and, the fewer feet, the longer your roof will last, whether it is the ballast atop built-up roofing or the exposed membrane of PVC roofing

3. Inspect Every Six Months

Having your Tampa commercial roofing inspected every six months by trained experts will go a long way toward adding long years of service. Small problems are nipped quickly:

  • A little seam repair can prevent thousands of dollars of damage from water infiltration
  • One cleared scupper can prevent ponding that compresses insulation
  • A careful inspection can reveal cracking, crazing, bubbles and other easily corrected issues

Inspection is a simple solution that involves nothing more elaborate than scheduling the regular visit, and minor repair work, with your local, trusted roofer. If you want to extend the life of your commercial roofing, contact Aderhold Roofing today to learn how we can help. Our services span from simple to sophisticated, and all are intended to save you money while preserving your roof.

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