How Tampa Roofing Contractors Prep A Roof For Summer

Just as the kids are getting out of school with dreams of carefree days ahead, a conscientious Tampa roofing contractor can use the early days of summer to educate local commercial building owners about the brutal realities of Tampa’s summer rainy season.

Summer Prep

A typical Tampa roofing contractor will inspect your roof with an eye toward the impending heavy weather:

The earlier in the season you can partner with your trusted Tampa roofing contractor, the better your roof will be able to withstand summer’s unpredictable (but usually harsh) weather.

Some trouble signs to watch for:

  • Excessive drying that leads to cracks and crazing in roofing surfaces
  • Corrosion in flashing
  • Depressed insulation that leads to ponding and water infiltration
  • Perennially clogged or troublesome internal drains and parapet scuppers

Some of these issues may be within your facilities crew’s skill set, but many times, a well-intentioned rooftop maintenance visit can lead to bigger problems and the safety of your crew is a number one priority. Contacting a contractor to inspect your roof is a much safer choice.

What Not To Do

Most Tampa roofs are low-slope, which reduces (but does not eliminate) slip and fall hazards. Neither you nor any in-house crew members should attempt summer prep work on it. Instead turn to a reliable, local Tampa roofing contractor to get the steep-slope roof in good condition for the wet season ahead.

What To Do

Instead of risking your facilities crew, turn to a Tampa roofing contractor with all the right equipment, training, and key personnel. A professional contractor will prepare your commercial roof for the rainy season to come, ensuring questionable seams are adequately closed (either chemically or with heat), that all drains are working properly, and that flashing is firmly in place.

Aderhold Roofing is thoroughly familiar with Tampa’s rainy summer season. When you contact us, we can help you with inspections, summer preparatory work, and quick repairs. We can also advise on dealing with Tampa’s summer thunderstorms, the ensuing hurricane season, and more. Your roof will never be better protected than when you trust Aderhold Roofing, your dependable Tampa roofing contractor.

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