How the Section 179 Tax Deduction Can Help You Save on Your Commercial Roofing Projects

Commercial roofing contractors in Tampa help businesses by installing commercial roofs every day. Few realize that this new roof is a tax deduction. Businesses can claim them on their taxes as a deduction, reducing their overall tax burden. Here is a deeper look at how the Section 179 Tax Deduction can help you save on your commercial roofing.

What is a Tax Deduction?

A deduction is like getting a tax break. You get to deduct the costs that you paid or expenses that you incurred, and then the government doesn’t take its share of that money out of your pocket. Businesses can also get deductions, but they are called business expenses. So the tax deduction makes a difference between what you pay in taxes.

How Tax Deductions Help Businesses

Tax deductions are really valuable. They can reduce your bill to the government, so you get to keep more of your hard-earned income. Now, if there were no tax deductions available, businesses may not be able to pay for all the expenses that they incur while operating their business. Businesses have a lot of expenses that are essential for them to operate normally, things like services and basic equipment.

Section 179 Tax Deductions Include Commercial Roofing

Section 179 tax deductions for commercial roofing help businesses with the cost of new roofs.
Businesses in Tampa can get a Section 179 tax deduction when they purchase and install a new commercial roof on their building or property. In order to get this tax deduction, you have to buy the material and hire a contractor all in the same year.

Since commercial roofs can last from 10 to 20 years depending on how well they are installed, there’s a good chance that your business will get more than one depreciated deduction for a single roof installation.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits if you take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for commercial roofing, such as helping cut your overall tax burden. The IRS encourages businesses to use their deductions and credits and that will let them pay their taxes at a lower rate. What’s more, commercial roofs can help you save money in the long run if you do it right.

Hire the Best Commercial Roofer in Tampa

If you want to get the most value out of a new commercial roof, hire the best commercial roofer in Tampa, Aderhold Roofing. We can install a new roof that will last decades, while you can take the Section 179 tax deduction to decrease your tax liability. That way, you get the full value of your new roof. Contact Aderhold Roofing to have a new commercial roof installed for your company.

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