How to Avoid Storm Chasers after a Storm

Storms come and go through Florida, and unfortunately, so do unscrupulous storm chasing roofers. A storm chaser is a roofer with no local address, no permanent crew and no credentials showing professional connections to your community. Storm chasers swoop in after hurricanes, hoping to cash in on distressed Tampa-area business owners who are in a hurry to have their companies’ roofs fixed. The storm chaser takes your insurance company’s money, does a substandard job and disappears. Avoid storm chasers by following these tips.

Demand Local References

Ask any prospective roofer to provide you with a local physical address, local telephone number and professional associations or connections:

  1. Local Better Business Bureau
  2. Florida Business License
  3. Gallery of local projects
  4. Memberships in Florida or Tampa-area business and professional groups

Aderhold Roofing, for example, is a member of the Florida Metal Roofing & Sheetmetal Contractors Association, Inc. We are also proud members of Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., and the West Coast Roofing Contractors’ Association.

Just as important as local alliances are state credentials. You can check any roofer’s paperwork with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Using Aderhold Roofing as an example, you can search by business name and up pops the license: #CCC1329750.

Storm chasers try to cash in on the commercial roofing Tampa Florida businesses need after a major hurricane. They offer to perform the roof repair for the amount your insurance company offers, and then perform a fast, poorly done job.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

A local, reliable commercial roofer able to offer the commercial roofing Tampa Florida businesses require will also have insurance:

  • Liability insurance to protect your company
  • Workers Compensation insurance to indemnify your business if a roofing worker is injured at your job site

Ask About Equipment and Training

The reliable companies in commercial roofing Tampa Florida businesses should turn to, such as Aderhold Roofing, will have their own equipment, permanent crews and programs for crew education in the latest techniques. Ask any prospective roofer about:

  1. The age of their roofing equipment
  2. The rate of employee turnover among their roofing crews
  3. Programs in place for employee training

When you contact us at Aderhold Roofing, you can be sure you are reaching a real address, with actual local roofers. We have been in business for many years right here in Tampa at 4648 Eagle Falls Place, and plan to be here for many more years.

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