How to Best Prepare for Your Commercial Roofing Maintenance Needs

Some commercial roofs are generally safe for property managers or facilities crews to work on: high parapets, low slopes, no unexpected changes in slope or commercial roofing materials. Other roofs are simply too treacherous for anyone but qualified roofers with proper safety gear to tread upon. How you assess your commercial roofing maintenance needs begins with safety, but leads to much more.

Safety First

Generally Aderhold Roofing does not recommend to our commercial clients that anyone other than our roofing crews walk on roofs. This is for everyone’s safety. The needs of a business are clearly different from those of our residential neighbors, but often the commercial roofing is similar. A storefront business may have a fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof for a homey look, for example. No matter the roof, your best choice is to ask Aderhold Roofing to do the walking. We have the trained crews and all the right safety harnesses to perform maintenance and inspection correctly.


A simple task any facilities manager can perform is to develop a habit of roof awareness. Without venturing into a dangerous position, do a visual scan of the roof after every major weather event. Wind-borne debris, such as loose branches or human-made litter, can tear gashes in single-ply membranes. Wind shear can uplift mechanical fasteners and flashing. Heavy downpours can clog interior drains and scuppers.

Preventing lasting damage, or identifying roof leaks early, comes from active roof management. Aderhold Roofing is your partner in not only repairing minor issues but adding years of useful life to commercial roofing materials. We can come out and clean your roof, inspect it safely and identify problem areas to monitor.


Prepare for annual or semiannual maintenance visits from Aderhold Roofing’s trained professionals by maintaining accurate records, communicating suspected trouble spots to us, and setting time aside to allow easy access to your business’s roof. This may include clearing a few parking spaces or scheduling the inspections after customer hours.

Our expert crews will verify that your commercial roofing is:

  • Code compliant
  • Inspected foot by foot
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Repaired for minor issues immediately
  • Scheduled for more extensive repairs

Routine inspections and regular roofing maintenance sets your commercial roof apart from most residential roofs. You have a lot tucked under that roof—your business, your dreams, your employees and valued customers. Turn to Aderhold Roofing today to protect the roof that protects your future.

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