How to Make Your Roof Max Out Its Value

You expect the investment you made in your commercial roof to provide returns — in the form of protection for your business — for at least a decade. You can increase your return on investment (ROI) by extending the life of your roof and getting it to perform double duty.

Increase the Life of Your Roof

Any roof will benefit from roof preservation measures. These include:

  • Annual or semiannual inspection — Like a good dental checkup, a visit every six months by your roofing professional can help spot problems before they get really big (and really expensive)
  • A roof preservation strategy — Simple ideas like reducing foot traffic and rooftop access can help extend the useful life of your commercial roof
  • Quick repair — Not only does prompt repair by your commercial roof contractor prevent little issues from becoming big, expensive ones, it also adds to the life of your roof
  • Post-storm inspection and cleaning — Your facilities crew can, if safety allows it, remove excess water and wind-blown debris from your roof, preventing tears, gouging, and abrasion

Double Up

A relatively inexpensive way to really stretch your rooftop investment is with an additional spray or brush coating. A waterproof coating can not only close up small seam openings and help reintegrate loose flashing, it can also reflect sunlight’s infrared heat back into the atmosphere, away from your building. As the U.S. Department of Energy says, this “cool roof” strategy helps lower your cooling bill.

The one-time cost of a waterproof, reflective coating can pay off for many years since your cooling costs for a Tampa-area business or commercial building are nearly year-round.

Another approach to making your commercial roof work for you is to generate regular income by renting out space on your roof:

  1. Satellite companies could install dishes
  2. Sign companies could place a billboard on your commercial roof
  3. Solar energy operators could install a bank of solar panels on the roof

If you think creatively about getting the most out of your Tampa business’s roof, you may find an unexpected revenue source that pays for its own upkeep and eventual replacement.

Whether you want to double the life of your roof to save money or want to lower your cooling bill and provide waterproofing, please contact us at Aderhold Roofing. We have the equipment, trained personnel, and experience to provide all the assistance you need to max out the value of your commercial roof.

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