Industrial Roofing Considerations in the Tampa Area

Tampa is a beautiful city. It is a great city to do business in, as many of our commercial customers know. The robust industries of Tampa need industrial roofing, and this city’s unique demands on industrial roofing, highlight the value of working with a professional, commercial roofer familiar with the area.


Tampa lies largely in the 140 mph wind-borne debris region as outlined by the City of Tampa. This means industrial roofing and buildings must withstand hurricane-force wind gusts of up to three seconds. You may feel three seconds is not very long, but entire rooftops of industrial roofing can be sheared away in that time.

At Aderhold Roofing we are completely versed in the special conditions Tampa-area industrial roofing must withstand. We can work with you to ensure your commercial property will meet every expectation in high winds, hurricanes and strong tropical storms.

Solar Issues

In many ways Tampa’s glorious sunshine is equally damaging to commercial roofing as wind-borne debris. Ultraviolet radiation from the strong, semi-tropical sun does damage to the chemicals that make up single-ply, built-up and other roofing materials.

Aderhold Roofing can work with you to develop a regular schedule of roof maintenance and preservation. Our annual inspections can pinpoint key areas where degradation of chemicals from strong exposure to sunlight can lead to water leaks.

One way to combat ultraviolet damage is with protective coatings that reflect sunlight. This added layer of protection not only returns heat away from your building, it adds waterproofing as well.

Rules and Regs

Tampa provides detailed rules and regulations for construction, including replacement of existing industrial roofing or installation of entirely new roofing systems. Aderhold Roofing knows both the Florida Building Code and the unique Tampa Building Code. Our firm understands the permitting process. We can perform our work efficiently, leaving you with confidence not only in our work but our code compliance.

Why take a chance with having roofing work done on your business property by an inexperienced roofer whose work cannot pass inspection? The financial and commercial risks are just too great. The old expression, “Better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” definitely does not apply when dealing with city officials and their power to shutter your business for code violations.

When you need to deal with the unique commercial roofing considerations of the Tampa area, turn to Aderhold Roofing for professional, knowledgeable help. Contact us today!

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