Miracle Roofs Come From Manageable Maintenance

What Jadev Payeng has done, he did not do in a day. Payeng has single-handedly planted a forest larger than New York City’s Central Park on an island in a river in India. He has been at this task every day since 1979. You visit the island and you see a forest; you do not see the daily work Payeng put into his labor of love. This is equally true with a commercial roof maintenance plan. You may not notice how your company’s “miracle roof” got that way if you never noticed (or knew about) the roof maintenance plan involved.

Miracle, or Roof Maintenance Plan?

Some Tampa commercial roofs look blessed as if neither wind nor rain has ever affected them. Your own commercial building may be the beneficiary of an unknown roof maintenance plan before your company moved in.

You see a smooth, flawless PVC membrane, or a well-ballasted BUR roof, but you may not realize all the crew hours and contractor labor that went into getting it into pristine shape.

Such a roof maintenance plan is the heart of any rooftop “miracle” you may see in surrounding commercial properties.

Keep At It

Just as Payeng kept at his task of transforming an eroding island into a thriving forest, you have to keep at roof maintenance. If your organization is lucky enough to have inherited a well-maintained Tampa roof, keep at it. Capitalize on the work. Try this roof maintenance plan:

  1. Work safely — We understand that preventing problems on your flat roof may entice you or your maintenance crew to climb on the roof or walk around. We do not advise walking on your commercial roof as foot traffic can puncture the protective membrane and commercial roofs are inherently dangerous.
  2. Inspect the deck — Have your commercial roofer help you inspect the roof deck itself, which is often accessible from within the building; structural damage or defects can telegraph to the roof surface, causing water leaks or a degraded roof
  3. Inspect regularly — Experts at Facilities Net remind us that regular inspection is key to proper maintenance, as discoveries from inspection guide the repair and maintenance work

With a call to Aderhold Roofing, or by contacting us, you can establish a clear partner for a roof maintenance plan that can make your company’s roof look like a miracle. Only you and Aderhold will know all the hard work and planning that went into your Tampa roof.

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