Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems and What to Do About Them

Commercial roofs can have problems that require mild repairs or could close buildings until repairs are complete. Some problems develop more than others. Fortunately, commercial roofing specialists in Tampa, like Aderhold Roofing, can fix any issues that your roof may have. Here are some of the most common commercial roofing problems and how to fix them.

Unsealed Flashing

Flashing is the metal lining around the edges of the roof that is designed to cover areas where there will be openings. Anything sticking out of the roof and any connections to other things are covered in flashing. When the flashing does not stay sealed properly, it can leak. You need to have it repaired by the best commercial roofer in Tampa, Aderhold Roofing.

The flashing around a commercial building’s chimneys, skylights, and vents can develop leaks that will cause water damage to floors and walls. The sealant that should protect the flashing can wash away in heavy storms. When this happens, the building’s structural integrity may be compromised.

A Tampa commercial roofing company can replace any broken flashing to prevent leaks and any other problems. The difficult part is finding the leaks, which can be done by looking above where water damage can be found. Unsealed flashing can also be found during periodic roof inspections.

Ponding Water

Ponding water refers to standing water that forms in a divet on the roof. Over time, part of the roof can sag or fail to drain water easily, leading to water collecting in certain spots. These mini ponds can lead to excessive roof wear, further sagging, or other issues with the upkeep of your roof.

Ponding is easy to see when it happens. After it rains, inspect the roof. If there are bodies of water forming in different spots, those areas should be further examined.

Ponding can be fixed depending on what causes it. If the ponding is caused by a sagging roof, the sagging areas must be fixed by reinstalling them or adjusting and reinforcing them. If the problem is caused by poor drainage, then the design of the roof must be adjusted to allow for better drainage. Contact a commercial roofing company in Tampa to have the roof inspected.

Lifting and Separating

The opposite of ponding is lifting, and it can be a major problem as well. Lifting occurs when the materials used to make the roof adjust to outside weather conditions. For example, consistently windy areas can cause lifting because the wind over the roof lowers the air pressure. The pressure inside the building can push the roof outward into a lifted area.

When lifting becomes a problem, it can lead to separating as well. This refers to the separation of the roof layers. Repairing this requires the help of a commercial roofing company. Areas or a large section of the roof must be taken up and replaced properly.

The best way to address commercial roofing problems is to be proactive in preventing them. Periodic inspections and regular maintenance can prevent many of the biggest commercial roofing problems. Consult the best commercial roofer in Tampa, Aderhold Roofing, to see what repairs are needed on your commercial roof.

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