Proper Planning Can Prevent Emergency Roof Repair

You no doubt have seen the sign in businesses like copy centers and freight shipping offices: “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

It is a favorite among folks who serve an often-anxious public, but it applies equally well to commercial roofers dealing with those frantic calls from commercial building owners.

Plan to Fail?

Another aphorism (perhaps from Ben Franklin, no less) says if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. This is especially true of your low-slope or “flat” roof, which literally shelters the rest of your entire business. Consider what goes on under that roof:

  • Building supplies that must stay dry to be usable
  • Residential buildings with finicky tenants inside
  • Hospitals and nursing homes with frail residents
  • Businesses catering to customer foot traffic

Without roof preservation, you are risking a roof leak that could shutter your business while repairs are made. No customers. Moving patients, or paying tenants to stay at expensive hotels and motels. Ruined inventory; the list is nearly endless.

Roof Preservation

The logical alternative to disrupting your commercial building’s occupants with emergency roof repair is roof preservation. Plan a regular schedule with your local roofer. Set up inspections, routine repair work, and systematic cleaning.

With roof preservation, you lessen the chances that an unexpected leak will appear to ruin inventory or tenants’ possessions. Roof preservation lengthens the life of your roof, too, with protective coatings.

When you partner with a local, reliable roofer, you get a crew that becomes familiar with your company’s individual low-slope roof. Careful documentation can help crews focus on problem areas like flashing, degraded internal drains, or loose mechanical fasteners.

Tampa Weather

Roof preservation is also your protection against Tampa’s harshest weather. From hurricanes to blistering heat, Tampa’s climate taxes even the best commercial roof. With roof preservation services from Aderhold Roofing, you can be prepared for the next Category 5 or the next heat wave. Roof preservation also makes storm repair work easier, faster to fix, and less expensive.

Aderhold Roofing is ready to help with emergency roof repair, but we also can be your partner for long-term roofing maintenance and roof preservation. Contact us today to see how our extensive program of roof preservation can help you properly plan to avoid roofing emergencies. Our trained crews can monitor and protect your roof year-round and respond to storm damage when needed.

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