Tips From a Commercial Roofer: How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Commercial Roof

The typical commercial roof could last anywhere from 10 to 40 years. You might be thinking, “This is quite a wide range of time.” While there are many factors that can impact how long your commercial roof lasts, there are several crucial steps you can take yourself to increase the lifespan. 

To learn more about how to get the most life out of your commercial roof, Aderhold Roofing has all you need to know on preserving your commercial roofing in Tampa. 

1. Unclog Gutters and Drains Often

A top tip often overlooked to maintain your commercial roof is to clean gutters and drains often. While your gutters and drains may be out of sight, they should not be out of mind. Keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule can ensure that your roof is protected.

With clogged gutters and drains, water can pool easily and cause leaks or sinking in your roof. This is also especially important in Florida, where storms are prevalent in the summertime. Be sure to work with professional roofing companies in Tampa when cleaning debris from roof gutters and drains.

2. Choose Drone Inspection

Another top tip to get the most life out of your commercial roof is to schedule a drone inspection. As opposed to having roofing contractors walk around on potentially damaged roofing sections, drones can avoid causing any further damage. 

Drone are also capable of seeing awkward angles and tight corners that a human may not be able to access safely. This can ensure that you and your roofing contractor are up to date on any potential leaks, seal damage, or other problem areas. Drone inspections can also often save you time, as they are quick and thorough, and money, as these require less equipment and workers on the ground.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

While you may not see any immediate issues with your commercial roof, they can quickly arise and cause significant damage when maintenance is not a priority. It’s crucial to schedule regular inspections at least twice a year. 

It’s also crucial that your commercial roofing contractor stays up to date on typical maintenance, from maintaining seals to cleaning off debris. These small, but significant steps can add years onto your commercial roof’s life. 

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