Ways You Can Best Help Your Roofer After Storm Damage

Florida was hit hard during the past hurricane season, and 2018 is expected to be another year of above-normal Atlantic activity. This makes it critical to plan ahead in case your property’s roof gets damaged by a severe weather event. Make sure you develop strategies like the following for ongoing roof care, what to do immediately after a storm, and how you can best facilitate the repair and restoration process.

Keep Up With Roof Care and Maintenance

Your building’s roof takes the brunt of high winds and heavy rain during a storm. While you can’t prevent severe weather, you can minimize its damaging effects if you’re working with a reputable Tampa commercial roofing pro on an ongoing basis and having regular roof inspections done. It’s equally important that you follow up after each inspection by making needed repairs promptly to correct deficiencies and keep your roof watertight. You should also take any preservation measures that your contractor recommends, such as having the roof cleaned or applying a waterproof coating.

Know How to React After a Storm

For safety, never send your maintenance staff up onto your building’s roof during a storm. Once it has abated, they should do a careful, cursory check of the roof. If they alert you to any signs of damage, contact your roofer immediately so they can dispatch a crew to assess the extent of the damage. A well-trained emergency crew will also bring the necessary supplies and equipment so they can make temporary repairs to limit leaks and prevent further harm to your building’s structure and interior.

Plan to Work With Your Roofer to Address Storm Damage

A skilled and experienced commercial roofer can be a valuable ally when you’re facing the stress of getting your property’s storm-damaged roof repaired. They can perform an expert evaluation and document the condition of the roof, and be on hand during your insurance adjuster’s visit to make sure their report includes an accurate assessment of the damage. You can help by having up-to-date roofing records available, and having a good understanding of your property insurance coverage and claim requirements. Once repairs are underway, your roofer’s knowledge of our state and local building codes, permitting and inspection requirements can help you get your roof expertly repaired as quickly as possible.

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