What You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Cleaning

Most companies do not ask their employees to wear disposable uniforms. If you are a Tampa Bay company intent on turning a profit, remaining in business for many years, and attracting customers, you use a uniform cleaning service. Worn clothes go out for a thorough wash and new uniforms are delivered for your employees to wear. You cannot send your company’s roof out for cleaning, but your commercial roofer can provide similar service for many of the same reasons you want clean uniforms for your employees.


Just as you want your employees to present a pleasing appearance to your customers, you want your roof to look good, too. Why? Any commercial roofer will tell you, no roof is truly flat, so any dirt and debris that builds up on the roof will, eventually, wash down across your building facade, or through downspouts, or onto your landscaping. A clean roof signals quality, too.

Steep-slope commercial roofs need cleaning even more than low-slope, because they are more visible. Surrounding buildings provide clear views of either type of roof, so appearance is one way to advertise the strength of your company.

Other Benefits

Besides attracting and keeping customers, a clean roof has other benefits for your business:

  1. Economy — a clean roof simply lasts longer, since keeping it clean means regular inspection and repair
  2. Protection — Your roof literally shields the rest of your business, so protect it with cleaning, maintenance, and routine repair
  3. Warranty — Many commercial roofing warranties require conscientious upkeep for the warranties to remain in force

The Cleaning Process

Aderhold Roofing’s expertly trained crews know how to clean and maintain any commercial roof, from low-slope to steep slope. We can prevent algae and moss from taking over a storefront mansard roof, or keep internal drains and parapet scuppers free of clogging debris. We know when to pressure-wash and when old-fashioned elbow grease is better for your roof.

As a superior commercial roofer, Aderhold Roofing will assess your business’s roof, determine what level and type of cleaning are needed, and document the process. We will rid your roof of debris, vegetation and wind-borne trash, evaluate the condition of the roofing material, and choose an appropriate cleaning method to restore the surface. 

Roof cleaning can tie into annual roof inspection, but you may opt for more frequent cleaning. Contact Aderhold Roofing today to hear more benefits roof cleaning provides your Tampa Bay business.

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