What You Need to Know about Liabilities to Commercial Roofs

A liability for a property owner generally connotes insurance. Yet liabilities are simply are simply obligations you have, as in being responsible for the integrity of your commercial roof. What liabilities does your roof create for you and your commercial roofer?


If mold begins to appear inside your commercial property due to leaks in the roof, you are responsible for mold remediation. This can become prohibitively expensive. The easiest way to deal with mold is to never let it in, by careful annual inspection and maintenance from your commercial roofer. An open seam or slight puncture can allow water to infiltrate.

Mold spores are commonly in the air at all times; only when they have a moisture-rich environment will they set up homes and start reproducing. Keep the water out of your building interior, and your HVAC system will keep the natural humidity low enough to prevent mold.

Slip Hazard

To prevent slip hazards on your roof, minimize foot traffic. Keep a log of rooftop visitors (satellite dish repair person; HVAC technician; window washers), and limit access to dry days, if possible. Ensure all third parties carry their own … wait for it … liability insurance, to protect your building from legal responsibility if a technician does slip and fall.

Another method to reduce slip hazards on the roof is to insist workers follow prescribed paths, preferably along foot boards. This also reduces the likelihood of a worker’s boot causing a tear in the membrane, which could lead to our next liability, leaks.


Leaks do more than establish mold colonies. Leaks can ruin wall surfaces, ceiling tiles, and equipment. A sustained water leak can damage inventory or cause an electrical fire. Your commercial roofer can provide annual inspection and minor roof repair so a small leak is caught before major damage is done.


Your roof is your financial obligation, but it is also an important asset. It shelters your business from the elements, so treat it as an income-protecting asset. Ignoring simple inspection and maintenance programs as offered by your commercial roofer can mean a business-shuttering disaster. Invest in the inexpensive upkeep of your roof to increase your return on the original installation investment.

To learn what Aderhold Roofing can do to protect your business’s roof, contact us today. You can partner with us and transfer some of the worry about your commercial roof liabilities from your shoulders to ours.

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