What You Need to Know About Roof Preservation

How is commercial roof maintenance different from roof preservation? This is not meant to be a puzzle, but for far too many Tampa facilities managers, the two concepts seem to blend in a murky misunderstanding. Three key areas of preservation separate it from routine maintenance. Roof preservation is a guiding strategy to keep your investment working longer, harder, for less money than you would spend on a new roof.

What is Roof Preservation?

Roof maintenance is a regular, planned response to normal wear and tear. Your own facilities crew may clean off your roof after a bad Tampa rainstorm. Your partner in commercial roofing may perform annual maintenance to keep your roof performing well. None of that specifically preserves your roof.

Roof preservation means taking a long view toward economizing on roofing materials, extending the life of your existing commercial roof, and avoiding costly tear-off and replacement until absolutely necessary.

Three Key Areas

Aderhold Roofing views preservation of a commercial roof as a step above regular but necessary maintenance. If we know your goal is to eke out five to ten more years from your existing roof, we will work in three areas to make that happen:

  • Inspect — A thorough annual or semiannual inspection will reveal weak spots, previous deteriorating repairs and uneven wear.
  • Coat — Central to roof preservation is the judicious application of the right coatings; preservative coatings can do much to extend the life of any roofing material, reflect harmful sunlight (infrared and ultraviolet radiation) and waterproof all the roofing elements
  • Save — A costly capital expense like a roof is best afforded on your schedule, not your roof’s. By preserving your existing roof, you can save for a planned, economical tear-off and replacement in later years

Details, Details

A good commercial roofer will assess each part of your roof and apply different preservatives and coatings suited to metal, asphalt, rubber and synthetic materials:

  • Flashing
  • Seams
  • Scuppers and internal drains
  • Parapets
  • Mechanical fasteners

While many coatings can be sprayed on, some will require careful hand-brushing to ensure long life.

At Aderhold Roofing, we value your continued business more than a single big pay week. We would rather help you keep your current roof performing well for another five years than have you spend money on a huge capital outlay, a new roof. Contact Aderhold Roofing today to see how we can be your roof’s best ally in roof preservation.

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