When to Schedule a Commercial Re-Roofing

Commercial roofs are prone to the same issues as residential or industrial roofs, which means they need to be replaced regularly. It is a large expense for a company to undertake, which is why many hesitate to replace a roof. However, it is important to do so before more serious problems develop. In this article, we discuss when to schedule a commercial re-roofing.

Numerous Leaks

If you have a problem with leaks in your building, it may be time to schedule a replacement for your roof. One leak is not a problem since it can easily be patched, and several sporadic leaks over a long period are okay as well. If you start to have a lot of leaks close together, then that means that your roof is breaking down. Widespread problems like this could be an indication that your roof is slowly falling apart due to aging, wear, or other factors. It is time to replace that roof before it completely fails.

Damage to the Roof Membrane

Roofs are made of multiple layers in most applications, although it is possible to have a single-piece roof. Within those layers is a waterproof membrane that is likely sandwiched between two harder materials. This membrane is what makes your roof waterproof, which is exactly what you want out of your roof. However, it is possible for the roof membrane to be damaged over time.

If you find that the roof membrane has been punctured, take action to address the problem immediately. Have a roofing company examine the damage and develop a plan to remediate any damage. Having a punctured membrane almost certainly guarantees that you will end up with leak issues if the membrane is not resealed quickly.

Excessive Blistering

Blistering is a problem that does not affect most roofs. It happens when a piece of the roof is sealed down, but the center of it buckles under pressure. This can cause the roof to bulge in the center because of heat rising in a building. This can continue to happen and it stretches out the roof material or puts a lot of upward stress on a roof, damaging it in the process. If this continues, it will begin to pull pieces of the roof off or out of place. Unfortunately, blistering is not a problem that can be easily fixed if it happens in large amounts. The outer surface separates from the substrate and will need to be removed and replaced. Trying to restick it to the substrate won’t produce a good roof.

When your commercial roof wears out, don’t hesitate to get it replaced. If you have questions about commercial re-roofing in Tampa, contact the commercial roofing specialists in Tampa at Aderhold Roofing.

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