Why You Want a Local Trusted Roofer after a Storm

When a major storm hits the Tampa area and causes widespread damage, property owners who don’t have an established relationship with a trusted local roofer can give in to desperation and take whatever “help” is available. If you can’t vet a roofer properly, you can end up paying for sub-par service and shoddy workmanship that leaves you dealing with additional headaches and repair costs down the road. Choosing a knowledgeable local roofer now not only assures you of a fast response when you need help in an emergency, but it also offers these additional benefits when you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature:

Familiarity With Local Code Requirements

A roofer who’s based in the area is well-versed in our local code, permitting and inspection requirements. This familiarity not only ensures that any repairs meet current Florida standards, it can prove invaluable when you’re filing an insurance claim. When insurance companies are overwhelmed after a devastating storm, they often bring in out-of-state or inadequately-trained adjusters. A local roofer who knows the applicable codes can educate such an adjuster so you avoid potential shortfalls and delays in your claim.

Knowledge of Our Climate and Weather Extremes

Local Tampa commercial roofers understand how the high humidity and harsh UV exposure of our Gulf Coast climate impact different roofing materials commonly used on commercial buildings. They’re also familiar with the effects of hurricane-force winds and torrential rains and the damage they cause to area roofs. If you’re wise and have partnered with an experienced roofer for routine inspections and ongoing maintenance, you’ll rest easy knowing that your property’s roof is in the best possible condition to withstand storm damage, and that any storm-related repairs are sound and long-lasting.

Peace of Mind About Licensing and Insurance Coverage

Established commercial roofers in Tampa are licensed through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). When you hire a licensed local roofing company, you have the assurance that they’ve met the state’s strict requirements that include passing a trade-specific exam, having relevant education and experience, and demonstrating financial stability with no liens or judgments. You also won’t have to worry whether a contractor has insurance, because to obtain a license, a Florida roofer also has to have public liability, property damage and workers’ compensation coverage in place.

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