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With a deep expertise in multi-family and commercial roofing, Aderhold Roofing strives to be the preferred roofing contractor of Tampa Bay. We offer a wide range of roofing types and styles and can install a roof that is appropriate for your building’s architectural style and your budget.

Industrial Roofing Considerations in the Tampa Area

Tampa is a beautiful city. It is a great city to do business in, as many of our commercial customers …

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Do Repairs Quickly to Protect Your Commercial Roof

The extreme heat, hurricane-force winds, and high humidity we experience in the Tampa area can cause premature deterioration of the …

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How to Find Leaks & Prevent Damage to Your Commercial Roof

Roof leaks can wreak havoc on the interior of your commercial building. Not only do water intrusions deteriorate the structure …

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3 Questions to Ask Your Tampa Roofer Before Storm Season

No Tampa roofing contractor can work in this area without encountering the effects of our local storm season. From June …

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Preparing Your Roof For Tampa’s Rainy Season

Tampa enjoys plenty of sunshine, making the area one of the nation’s best travel and living destinations. It also, though, …

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How Roof Maintenance Proves Its Worth

After any winter, even the relatively mild winters we experience here in Tampa, every home needs a good spring cleaning. …

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Ways You Can Best Help Your Roofer After Storm Damage

Florida was hit hard during the past hurricane season, and 2018 is expected to be another year of above-normal Atlantic …

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Worst Storm Scenarios and How to Prepare

Storms are a fact of life here on Florida’s scenic west coast, and they can cause significant damage to your …

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How to Avoid Storm Chasers after a Storm

Storms come and go through Florida, and unfortunately, so do unscrupulous storm chasing roofers. A storm chaser is a roofer …

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3 Things You Want from Your Commercial Roofer

The Girl Scout Law says a Girl Scout will be “honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous …

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Qualities of a Dependable Commercial Roofer

Your business’s roof is not to be taken lightly since you must trust it to hold your business together. This …

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Simple Steps to Make Your Commercial Roof Last

Commercial roofing products are constantly improving, and by those incremental improvements, lasting longer. Your commercial roofer may have installed a …

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