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Common TPO, Flat Roof Issues

If you are having leaks at your commercial or multi-family property and you have access to the roof, check out this guide of common flat roof / TPO issues to help you better understand what might be causing your leaks. All of these issues (as with any other roof issue) should be repaired by licensed and insured professionals.



Result of the waterproofing membrane drying out due to UV exposure.

Corrective Action: Area must be cleaned and prepared for a new waterproof membrane to be attached to industry standards ensuring it is watertight. 

Base Flashing Lap


Open lap in base flashing.

Corrective Action: Clean, prime and install a new patch to ensure watertightness.

Base Flashing Split


Split or hole in the base flashing.

Corrective Action: Clean & prime the area and install a new patch ensuring watertightness.

Most of the issues you see here could have easily been prevented with a routine maintenance plan. No matter what roofing system your building has or what size your building is we can create a tailored maintenance plan that can prevent leaks, increase the life of your roof, and give you a full understanding of your roof and its condition.


Blisters in the roofing membrane are caused by either air or moisture being caught between the pies of the waterproofing system.

Corrective Action: The blister must be cut filled with a waterproofing agent and resealed per industry standards.



The scupper, drain or gutter has become clogged and is no longer functioning properly.

Corrective Action:The scupper, drain or gutter area must be cleaned and all debris completely removed. This should be part of a routine maintenance program.

Clogged Scupper/Drain/Gutter


Open lap in seam of roofing membrane due to improper welding. Leaving a void in the roofing system membrane.

Corrective Action: Clean are to be repaired. Repair using manufactures recommended methods. Test to ensure watertightness after repair is made.

Cold Weld