4 Best Ways to Ensure Roof Preservation

As much as you pity your northern neighbors who fight to keep their roofs against the twin perils of snow and ice, our Tampa Bay businesses have our own fight on our hands: sunlight. It is one of many challenges to preserving your roof, and part of our focus on four ways to ensure roof preservation.

1. Prevent Solar Damage

Infrared and ultraviolet radiation from the sun do substantial damage to Tampa Bay commercial roofs. The solution is waterproof coatings expertly applied by Aderhold Roofing. Applied coatings serve two valuable purposes:

  • Energy savings
  • Roof preservation

The same coating that provides light reflectivity will also turn back ultraviolet rays that break down the chemicals in single-ply membranes.

2. Fight Mold

For as much sunlight as Tampa Bay receives, it also receives substantial rain. This can cause mold problems on your property’s roof and inside. Because of rooftop air intakes, this is an especially important problem to address, as the drawn-in air can affect indoor air quality. Molds, lichens, mosses, and spores can set up base camp on your building’s roof and then advance inside, through rooftop vents and air intakes.

Preservation begins with frequent and thorough inspection. Eliminating ponding, reducing water leaks, and keeping rooftop insulation dry will all help to lower the risk of mold inside and out.

3. Limit Access

The fewer feet that clamber around your rooftop, the longer your roof will last. A wise facilities manager or building owner keeps a careful record of rooftop visitors, their reasons for being on the roof, and the areas where they worked. This also helps identify potential trouble spots during inspection.

This is one of best ways to ensure roof preservation because it costs almost nothing, requires very little time and provides an excellent return on investment.

4. Landscape Consciously

Many of the Tampa Bay area’s roofs nestle amidst some our semitropical greenery. That is all lovely and fine until overhanging branches and leaves interfere with the roof. One key to roof preservation is to keep growth trimmed back, so falling branches, large fronds and other flora cannot touch your roof. The sabal palm may be our state tree, but it is no friend to roofs.

Your best ally in the fight for commercial roof preservation is Aderhold Roofing. Contact our offices today to learn how we can ensure a long life for your company’s roof.

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