How to Prevent a Multifamily or Commercial Roof Leak in Tampa

Roof leaks are all too common here in Florida. On average, the Sunshine State gets an incredible 54 inches of rain a year. That’s 54 inches of rain pounding on your multifamily or commercial property’s roof, searching for a way in. And without proper prevention, rain will eventually get in, creating costly leaks that can lead to hazards and further property damage. In order to prevent roof leaks in Tampa, you’ll need to partner with a roofing company that knows just what to do against Florida’s constant humidity, sunlight, and rain. 

At Aderhold Roofing Corporation, our team is skilled in preventing roof leaks that can cost owners time, money, and patience. If you’re tired of seeing unsightly water stains and hearing that telltale drip drip drip of a leak, give us a call. The cost of our services is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of dollars that a roof leak can cause. 

How Aderhold Roofing Can Prevent Roof Leaks in Tampa 

There are several methods that we employ to effectively prevent roof leaks, even in Florida’s unforgiving weather. Our team may recommend roof preservation, a process involving light-reflective coatings. We may also recommend the removal of nearby trees that could damage your roof in the future. Or we may simply clean clogged gutters and drains of debris — a task that’s vital for preventing water from overflowing into a structure. However, none of these measures will be effective unless they are performed on a regular basis. 

The truth is that leak prevention requires due diligence. The only way to prevent roof leaks is for our team to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Unforeseen problems will always spring up — damage caused by residents, pests, and fallen trees, for example — and there’s no telling when this damage will occur. By partnering with Aderhold Roofing, you can rest assured knowing that your roof will be inspected and maintained with the utmost skill. During an inspection, our professionals will be assessing the condition of: 

  • Overall roof covering 
  • All means of drainage
  • All metal flashings
  • Attics
  • Ventilation systems

Once an inspection is completed, you will receive an itemized list of all deficiencies and a timeframe for recommended repairs. At Aderhold Roofing, we understand that repairs can come at the most inopportune moment, which is why we are more than willing to work with property owners to find a solution that works within their budget. 

Don’t wait for the coming hurricane season to consider how to prevent a multifamily or commercial roof leak in Tampa. Whether your roof is flat or pitched, whether it’s composed of shingles or metal, we can help. For a licensed and insured company that can prevent roof leaks in Tampa, turn to the professionals at Aderhold Roofing. 

To speak with a professional about repairing or preventing a commercial roof leak in Tampa, or to schedule a consultation, please submit our contact request form.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional counsel.

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