How to Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks in Florida

Keeping a building’s roof intact against the forces of nature is a never-ending job. Florida is no exception, and commercial roof leaks in Florida are an all too common problem, as the state endures heavy rainfall and tropical storms. In this article, Aderhold Roofing, one of the top commercial roofing companies in Tampa, discusses how to prevent commercial roof leaks in Florida.

Consider Metal Flashings

Commercial roof leaks in Florida can result from a number of problems. The most common culprits are broken or damaged flashing. Flashing is the metal or plastic that goes over the space between the roof and wall to keep water from getting inside the building. Metal flashings are usually affixed with screws with cement or caulking. These fixings can fall off if they aren’t properly installed, so if you suspect a problem check for loose screws or crevices to seal.  

Unclog Gutters and Drains

Another common cause of roof leaks in Florida is clogged gutters and drains. Gutter systems usually are designed to accommodate a certain amount of water that will enter the building. As the water level crosses its limits, debris can begin to build up in the gutters, cap off drains, or overflow from joints. All of these problems can lead to water flowing into the building rather than out of it, creating roof leaks in Florida. Fortunately, you can unclog gutters and drains without harming the building. If no debris is visible in gutters or drains, and you suspect a clog, you should have someone inspect for damage to the drainage system on your building’s roof. 

Repair Any Membrane Splitting or Cracking

If you notice signs of splitting or cracking membrane, you should schedule a repair as soon as possible, as the material could rip. Pressurized air or water can help to seal these holes. You may find that damage is so severe that there’s no hope for repair. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to repairing damaged roofing materials in Florida, regardless of whether you plan on replacing the material.

The importance of keeping a building’s roof intact cannot be overstated. Roof leaks are not only costly, they can also result in other problems such as damaged interior walls, ceiling tiles, and even mold growth. Use these tips to prevent commercial roof leaks in Florida.

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