Keeping Leaks At Bay Through Florida Seasons

A basic principle of physics is thermal expansion. When materials heat up, they gain energy and expand. This is as true of steel as it is of single-ply roofing membranes like PVC. Materials also shrink in cold weather. This constant expansion and contraction can wreak havoc with roofing materials. Although Tampa-area roofs seldom suffer freezing temperatures, Tampa’s four seasons can lead to roof leaks without regular roof maintenance.

Eroding Efficiency

A typical Tampa roof benefits from reflectivity; the near-tropical sun’s direct rays are reflected back from bright, shiny roofing materials. With aging and gradual wear, that reflectivity diminishes, bringing increased cooling costs and more frequent start-up of cooling equipment. Add a roof leak to that and you are now fighting increased humidity inside your building.

Tampa’s four seasons, even with an admittedly mild winter, cause your building’s roof to degrade over time. Conscientious roof maintenance can forestall the time when roof replacement is your only option. With annual inspections and regular maintenance, weak spots, incipient leaks and vulnerable seams can all be monitored. This keeps leaks at bay through the rainy season and through wet winters.

Regular Roof Maintenance

Every commercial roof is different, but for most low-slope roofs, an integrated system from your roof deck up keeps your entire building dry, temperature-controlled, and safe. Insulation, decking, drains, flashing and parapet walls all work together with the roofing material to keep water out and keep climate-controlled air in.

Regular roof maintenance addresses every one of these areas:

  1. Drainage — From internal drains to scuppers, gutters and downspouts
  2. Decking — Inspection from inside your building can identify weaknesses in structural members, corrosion in metal, or cracks in wooden supports
  3. Insulation — Deformations in the surface signal insulation issues beneath
  4. Roof membrane or other roofing material — Whether single-ply, TPO, modified bitumen or another material, your roofing material is your first line of defense against leaks
  5. Flashing — Intersections between unlike materials are safely sealed

Spotting Leaks

Periodic roof maintenance and annual inspection can find leaks faster than waiting for tell-tale signs inside your structure. By inventorying rooftop issues, your commercial roofer can help you decide where best to spend roof repair money to keep leaks out through all four season.

Partner with the professionals of Aderhold Roofing to combat high humidity and damaging roof leaks. Our regular roof maintenance plans can keep your Tampa-area business high and dry from spring through winter. Contact Aderhold Roofing today.

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