3 Roof Leaks that are Best Left to the Professionals

If your commercial roof starts to leak, you might be tempted to send your building maintenance staff up to make a quick fix. Doing so can result in bigger problems in the future though, because it takes specialized training and experience to pinpoint the source of a leak and make sound commercial roof leak repairs.

To make sure that your roof’s integrity is restored and any water damage is properly addressed, it’s better to call in a roofing professional, especially for leaks caused by these three issues.

Drainage Problems

A poorly-functioning drainage system can cause ponding after it rains that leads to membrane deterioration and leaks. While your maintenance staff can clean up standing water or flush a blocked internal drain, recurring ponding should be investigated by a commercial roofer. A pro knows how to inspect and test for serious drainage issues and advise you on the repairs needed to get the system working properly and water damage fixed. It may be that the drains can’t handle the necessary volume of rain or the roof isn’t sloped adequately. The seals around the drains may be degraded, some metal components may be rusted through, or the surrounding roof material and insulation may be waterlogged and sagging.

Degraded Flashing

Corroded, bent, loose or missing flashing can allow water into your roof system during a rain or make the membrane vulnerable to being torn off in high winds. An experienced roofer knows the exact areas to check to locate the source of a flashing-related roof leak, such as around penetrations for HVAC equipment, vents, pipes, or skylights, and along the roof perimeter and parapets. A pro who’s experienced working with your type of roofing also knows how to replace, reattach, and secure the various flashed areas to make the building watertight again.

Roof Field Damage

There are numerous areas on a commercial roof covering that are susceptible to degradation, damage, and leaks. Common problems on the roof field include seam or lap separations, membrane tears, or punctures from foot traffic or debris, and split blisters/bubbles caused by moisture retention between the material layers. A pro can inspect the roof field to identify trouble spots where moisture is seeping in and take appropriate steps to remediate any water damage and properly repair the leak(s).

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