Be Ready Now for 2019 Storms

Here on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it’s virtually impossible for a commercial property to escape wear and damage from stormy weather. Being prepared in advance gives you the best chance to limit the extent of damage to your building’s roof from both minor and major weather events. Here’s what you can do to help preserve your roof and the building it protects from the bad weather that Mother Nature delivers in 2018:

Have Your Roof Evaluated Regularly

Partnering with a well-established Tampa commercial roofing contractor now can help ensure that your roof is in the best possible shape to withstand storms. Your roofer should perform a thorough inspection of the roof at least twice a year, and give you a detailed report on its condition and what’s needed to keep it watertight.

Get Expert Advice About Routine Maintenance

Another valuable service an experienced roofer can provide is guidance on roof maintenance that your staff should handle on a routine basis. Such tasks may include keeping the roof free of potentially-damaging debris, cleaning out the scuppers, drains and downspouts regularly, clearing away standing water on the roof field after a rain to avert damage from ponding, as well as performing a basic rooftop damage assessment and checking the building’s interior for signs of water infiltration after a storm.

Tackle Necessary Repairs Promptly

The inspection reports your roofer provides should list any existing and emerging issues with your roof system that need attention, along with recommendations for preservation measures that can help extend its service life. After every inspection, be sure to follow your roofer’s advice and suggested timeline for completing repairs and taking other actions. Staying current with needed repairs reduces the likelihood of leaks during storms that can result in all sorts of costly damage.

Maintain Trees on Your Property

Trees add to your property’s curb appeal, but if they succumb to high winds during a storm, they can cause considerable damage to your building’s roof. To avoid roof punctures and membrane damage from falling trees, limbs and branches, have an arborist assess the condition of any tall trees sited near the building. Then, get any unhealthy trees removed, and have limbs and branches that overhang the roof pruned back a safe distance. For targeted advice and assistance with preparing your commercial property to better withstand 2018’s upcoming storms, contact us today at Aderhold Roofing, your reliable Tampa commercial roofing pros.

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