How Only a Tampa Roofer Can Help After Storm Damage

When a destructive storm hits the gulf coast of Florida, the news typically attracts many out-of-state roofers to our area. Some come here with the best of intentions, while others are hoping to make some easy money, then promptly leave. Regardless of an out-of-town roofer’s ethics, they simply don’t have the local knowledge able required to make effective repairs to commercial roofs in the Tampa area.

Reputable local roofers are extremely busy after a storm, so when you’re approached by an out-of-state roofing outfit, it can be difficult to turn down a tempting promise of quick repairs. You’ll find it easier to resist if you consider the following three reasons why it’s wiser to hire a Tampa commercial roofing professional instead:

Experience With State and Local Building Codes

Both Florida and the local municipalities have put stringent building codes in place due to the severity and frequency of storms in the state. Roofing contractors based in Tampa work with these codes on a daily basis, so they understand how to meet all the requirements from proper permitting and making compliant repairs to passing the necessary inspections. One such code requirement that an out-of-state roofer may not be aware of the need for installing tapered insulation to improve the slope and drainage on a flat commercial roof and reduce the likelihood of ponding water.

Wind Mitigation Knowledge for Insurance Purposes

Depending on the design of your commercial roof system, you might decide that the need for making storm-related repairs is an opportune time to implement wind mitigation improvements to lessen the risk of damage from future storms. A local roofing contractor understands the wind mitigation inspection process and requirements, and how to complete repairs and improvements that can pass a follow-up inspection so you can lower your property insurance premiums.

Florida Licensing and Insurance

When you hire a locally-based commercial roofer to make storm repairs on your building, you have immediate peace of mind that they’ve met Florida’s strict licensing requirements. Here in Tampa, commercial roofers must pass a state certification exam, meet requirements for education and experience, submit a credit report to verify financial stability, and undergo a background check that includes fingerprinting. They also have to provide proof of insurance for public liability, property damage and workers’ compensation coverage.

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