How to Proactively Prevent Roof Leaks in Your Commercial Building

If you own a commercial building, you know how important it is to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. This ensures that your building is safe and protected inside and out. 

Rather than addressing leaks after damage occurs, there are several ways to be proactive and prevent them from happening at all. For the top tips for how to proactively prevent roof leaks from a licensed roofing contractor in Tampa, read on. 

1. Remove Debris Regularly

Taking the time to clean and remove debris from your roof on a regular basis should be a top priority. This can prevent your roof from withstanding any damage, as well as make it easier to identify potential problem areas. 

It’s important to thoroughly clean out gutters and drains as well so that there is no water buildup or blockages. The more often your roof is cleaned, the less likely it is that there will be leaks. When cleaning the roof of your commercial building, be sure to always work with a professional roofing contractor.

2. Stay Up to Date With Regular Maintenance

Another preventative measure that may often be overlooked is to stay up to date with preventing leaks.

As roofs age, the sealant surrounding HVACs and other ridges can deteriorate. This will allow water to seep into your building and cause damage before you can notice. It’s important to have a commercial roofing contractor repair any damaged seals as part of your regular roof maintenance.

3. Schedule an Inspection Twice Per Year

By scheduling a regular roof inspection with a commercial roofing contractor in Tampa, you can cover all your bases. In addition to cleaning and seal maintenance, inspections can also detect any problem areas early on. 

It is recommended that commercial buildings undergo roof inspections at least twice per year to ensure that the roof is safe and in top condition. 

Stay Proactive With Aderhold Roofing

At Aderhold Roofing, a licensed roofing contractor in Tampa can provide you with the peace of mind you need to operate in a commercial space. With regular inspections, debris removal, preventative maintenance, and more, you can be proactive in preventing leaks. 

To schedule an inspection, contact the leading commercial roofing contractor in Tampa today.

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