Leave These Roof Repairs to the Professionals

In Hollywood, a particular niche of stunt actor performs high falls. These talented players train hard, work carefully ,and use all the right safety equipment, like air bags, decelerator wires, and body harnesses to make 100-foot falls look routine. You, as an owner or manager of a commercial property, are not a stunt player.

You need to consider what risks you take in walking the roof of your building and what roof repair challenges are better left to the professionals.

Safe Sight

You can safely assess your building’s need for roof repair from the walkways and access points of your roof. No need to put yourself at risk of a high fall (with no air bag below!) when you want to know if your roof needs repair work. Some roof signs that may make you suspicious are:

  • Clogged drains
  • Visible vegetation, like trees and grasses, growing on your roof
  • Granules, gravel, and debris at the bottoms of downspouts
  • Flashing found on the ground
  • Ponding
  • Black streaks, tears, raised laps, or open seams


Some roof repair preliminaries and maintenance are easily within your skill set. You should be maintaining accurate records to know:

Warranty status on the original roof and subsequent repairs Who has been on the roof, when, and for what purpose Repairs made in previous years The date of your last roof inspection by a professional commercial roofing contractor

In addition to recordkeeping, you have a role to play during an inspection, so that the roofer’s time on your property is well spent. Make a list of roofing concerns you have, areas that have given your company trouble, and spots where you have seen evidence of water infiltration.

Leave These Roof Repairs to Professionals

For major roof repair, leave these tasks to the professionals:

  • Reattaching open laps and seams, whether by adhesive or heat
  • Replacing loose or missing flashing
  • Rebuilding the roof deck around internal drains, replacing drain strainer,s and clearing clogged scuppers and internal drains
  • Repairing single-ply roofing
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Removing and replacing roof insulation

Aderhold Roofing stands ready to work with you to provide safe, prompt roof repairs to your commercial roof. Whether you have single-ply, built-up roofing, modified bitumen, or another roof type, we can perform the needed roof repair with no risk to you or your building. Our expert crews have the safety equipment, tools and training needed for any type of repair work. Contact Aderhold Roofing today.

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