Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Re-Roofing

While commercial roofs are designed and built to last, nothing lasts forever. After years of wear and tear or incidences of severe weather, your roof may be in desperate need of repair. However, particularly in these times of uncertainty, you can’t afford to have your operations disrupted for an extended period of time. Even a few hours of downtime may mean thousands in lost revenue. 

That’s why, at Aderhold Roofing, we believe that keeping your commercial building protected this rainy season shouldn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming endeavor. We offer a wide variety of commercial roofing services to fit your needs and budget, including commercial replacement and commercial re-roofing in Tampa. In this article, we’ll touch on why many property owners are choosing to invest in commercial re-roofing over a full roof replacement. 

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Perhaps the most important benefit of commercial re-roofing over a full commercial roof replacement is the time it takes to perform the roof repair. While commercial roof replacement is a valuable option for roofs that are not candidates for restoration or re-roofing, it can be a lengthy process. During a full roof replacement, all of the shingles on your roof will have to be stripped before a roofing contractor in Tampa is able to replace the underlayment and shingles or layer an entire new set of shingles. 

By removing the time it takes to strip away the original roof, you will have cut the amount of work time required by 50 percent or more. This is a huge plus for building owners looking to restore their roof with little to no disruptions to their operations. 

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As expected, fewer hours spent on the job equates to less money spent to get your commercial roof repaired. However, the cost benefits don’t stop there. Choosing re-roofing over a complete roof replacement also reduces the amount of workers and waste disposal needed to fix a roof. 

Even for a single-ply flat roof replacement, the typical cost can range from three to five dollars per square foot. This is because the material itself consists of multiple layers of roofing plies, meaning it’s more expensive and time-consuming for your roofing contractor to install a new roof. Other factors that can impact the cost of your commercial roof replacement include the condition of the insulation, roof structure, cover board, and substrate materials. 

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By adding a second layer of shingles and keeping the existing membrane in place, the interior of your property is protected while the new layer is being installed and your roof gains an additional layer of strength. Your commercial roof will also receive a cosmetic facelift as the new layer of shingles cover any shingles that became dirty or discolored over the years, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your building. Commercial re-roofing in Tampa certainly isn’t the option for every roof, especially if your roof is in serious need of repair, but it can be an inexpensive, cost-effective option for building owners looking to keep their property in good shape without breaking the bank.

To learn about our services, visit our website and view our vast portfolio of extensive roofing projects. No matter the size of your commercial business, we’ll examine your roof and determine the appropriate option to keep your building dry and in service. 

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