Why Florida’s Dry Season Is the Best Time to Repair Your Commercial or Multi-Family Roof

In Florida, the dry season takes place from November to April. This time of year is best for roof repair because temperatures are usually mild and precipitation is limited. In addition, this is the time of year with the least amount of wind and humidity. For more information about some of the top reasons why it’s best to repair a roof during the dry season, read this guide from a commercial roofing contractor in Tampa.

Decreased Risk of Rain

One of the primary reasons that it is best to do roof repairs in Florida during dry season is because it is less likely to rain. During summer months, Florida receives around 7 inches of rain a month during the rainy season. In the winter, there is a much smaller risk of rain.

Fewer Delays

During the dry season in Florida, your repair is less likely to be delayed due to poor weather. This is because our dry season has the least amount of winds and rain. This means that the work is more likely to be completed on time. 

Since the dry season in Florida has the least amount of wind, this makes it easier and safer for your commercial roofer to complete the work and lower your risk of roof damage. While roof damage from wind is not common, it’s always best to reduce this risk.

More Comfortable Weather

Temperatures and humidity can be uncomfortable during most of the year. But during the dry season, the temperature is much more comfortable and humidity is lower. This makes the work less difficult and more pleasant for everyone involved. The crew can often work faster without having to take extra breaks related to it being too hot outside. As the best commercial roofing company in Tampa, we prioritize quality and crew safety. With cooler weather, roofers can focus on your roofing project more comfortably.

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