Qualities of a Dependable Commercial Roofer

Your business’s roof is not to be taken lightly since you must trust it to hold your business together. This means developing a level of trust in your commercial roofer to preserve and protect that roof. That relationship cannot be taken lightly either, so look for these hallmarks of a dependable commercial roofer.

The Basics

A dependable roofer should have some basic qualities that quickly allow you to separate shady operators from high-quality companies:

  • A local physical address and telephone number — Aderhold Roofing has offices at 4648 Eagle Falls Place in Tampa
  • A portfolio of work for you to review
  • Recent clients, you can contact
  • A state license — Aderhold Roofing holds Florida License #CCC1329750
  • Proof of insurance — Workers compensation insurance and liability coverage

Additional Evidence

A trusted commercial roofer will have an extensive network of relationships with industry leaders. Look for certifications and credentials from these top names in roofing:

  • Owens Corning
  • GAF
  • Johns Manville
  • GacoFlex
  • Firestone

In addition to these industry connections (which can help your business preserve its roof through strong warranties and expert advice), you also want a commercial roofer with strong community affiliations, such as these:

  1. Member, Florida Roofers and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc.
  2. West Coast Roofing Contractors Association
  3. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

Why? These industry relationships strengthen a company’s skills, offering reliable layers of advice and support should your roofer encounter a unique problem. Relationships with professional organizations and manufacturers also mean the company is unafraid to compare its work, training, and techniques with the best in the business. Indeed, the roofer you select, such as Aderhold Roofing, could be the best in the business.


A dependable, trustworthy roofer is trusted by manufacturers to install their products correctly, and in return, that roofer earns the highest levels of warranties offered. The manufacturer knows it will not be paying out on claims of faulty installation, so it entrusts its strongest warranties — often 20 years or more — to a dependable commercial roofer.


A dependable roofer trusts its abilities even as it seeks to expand its skill set. A qualified company shows versatility in materials, scheduling, repair and installation techniques, and more. Aderhold Roofing is one such company.

Aderhold Roofing has been your trusted, dependable partner in commercial roofing for Tampa businesses for many years. We are local, reliable, and experienced. Contact Aderhold Roofing today to connect to a local, caring, quality commercial roofer.

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