Repair, Recovering, and Replacement: The Services That Make Us the Best Roofing Contractor in Tampa

Whether you’re a multifamily or commercial property owner, you’re looking to save money wherever you can, especially when it comes to roofing services that are often a necessary but costly investment. When you take into account the cost of new construction and maintenance, keeping a roof over your head doesn’t come cheap. 

At Aderhold Roofing Corporation, we understand that the cost of roofing services can be overwhelming, which is why our services center around preventing issues and maintaining roofs for as long as possible. This is just one of the characteristics that make us the best roofing contractor in Tampa. Here’s an overview of how we repair, preserve, recover, and, if needed, replace roofing systems in Tampa. If you are ever in need of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Multifamily and Commercial Roofing Repair in Tampa 

Tampa residents have their work cut out for them when it comes to roof maintenance. As if the Sunshine State’s damaging UV rays weren’t enough, Florida roofs have to contend with frequent rain, harsh winds, and the occasional hurricane. On average, we get a whopping 54 inches of rain a year across the state. These conditions can lead to roof leaks, clogged gutters, and missing shingles, among other costly issues. When you need multifamily property or commercial roofing repair in Tampa, we can send out a team to inspect your roof and recommend a solution that fits within your budget. 

Maintenance and Preservation 

Your roof can last just a few years, or it can make it well past 20. The difference comes down to maintenance and preservation. Maintenance consists of assessing roof coverings and removing all debris from the roof and gutters. We can even go so far as to pull past roofing permit history to ascertain the age of the current roofing system. 

Preservation is the process of applying waterproof and light-reflective coatings to a roof’s surface. This ensures that your roof can stand up to the elements with the added benefit of lowering your energy bill. Preservation can add years to the life of your roof for a fraction of the price of a roof replacement, and it’s just one of the many services we provide. 

Recovering and Replacement

At Aderhold Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to work with multifamily property and commercial property owners to find the solution that’s right for them and their budget. If your roof is nearing the tail end of its lifespan, recovering may be a viable alternative to replacement. This process consists of installing a new roof covering over the existing roof covering; however, it requires the roof deck to be in good condition, and a complete replacement may be the only remaining option in certain cases. 

An inadequate roofing company would simply slap down a new roof and call it a day. Our commitment to our clients is what makes Aderhold Roofing the best roofing contractor in Tampa. Whether you have a multifamily or commercial property, we will take time during roof replacement to ensure that the deck, insulation, and drainage is in good condition. When in search of a roofing contractor, turn to one that has your best interests at heart. Turn to the licensed and insured team of professionals at Aderhold Roofing. 

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional counsel.

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