Roof Maintenance

Maintenance Plan

Just as with your commercial or multi-family property’s interior, your building’s roof benefits from regular maintenance. An investment in a new roof can pay off far past the normal lifespan of a roof when you arrange for regular inspections, routine maintenance, and timely repairs. To get the greatest return on investment (ROI) of a low-slope roof in the Tampa area, team up with Aderhold Roofing for a roofing maintenance program.

Be Proactive. Save Money.

Don’t wait for a simple leak to become a major problem. Most people have an “Out of site, out of mind” view when it comes to spending money on their roof, that mentality can lead to serious damage to not only your roof, but property and business function as well. 

Photo documentation of each building on the property. We will pull past roofing permit history

Overall assessment of roof covering e.g., shingles, modified, single ply, etc. Also, we will remove all debris.

Inspection and documentation of the condition of all means of drainage e.g., gutter and downspouts, drains, collector head, etc. Inspection and documentation of all roof penetrations such as VTR’s (Plumbing Pipe Vents) exhaust fan flashings, range hood flashings or other MEP penetration (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing). A thorough inspection of all roof system terminations. This would include the perimeter, wall terminations, and or hip and ridge terminations. These are the areas most susceptible to wind and/or water damage.

We will inspect for damages caused by outside forces or any potential hazards to your roof. Examples are trees in contact with the roofing surface or accessories, rodent damage, damage caused by residents, etc.

We will itemize every deficiency by importance in the following manner 1) Immediate Needs = 2-3-6 months, 2) Long Term Needs = 6-12 months, and 3) All other Items are preventive in nature.

Inspection of any ventilation systems as well as running the FHA/FBC calculations to ensure the buildings have adequate ventilation.(FHA — Federal Housing Administration, FBC -Florida Building Code). All metal flashings such as drip edge, coping, counter flashing, etc. will be inspected.

Other services that are available are capital expenditure budgeting assistance and drone reports that will allow for overhead documentation of the property: parking areas, common areas, tree and landscape conditions, retention ponds, etc. Drone reports can also be performed at night with the Radiometric (thermal) camera, which will document any variances in temperature. This may be helpful to know if windows and walls are allowing heat/ac to migrate from the interior or wet insulation in a low sloped roof system or walls.

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