Roof Recover

Your roof is a large investment and integral part of your building. When the roof has reached the end of its lifespan, most building owners choose a full roof replacement, but if the existing roofing system is in good condition, a roof recover could be a more economical option.

Cost Effective Roof Solution

A roof recover is less expensive than a full roof replacement, as there will not be any labor to tear off the existing roofing system and there will be less roof waste to dispose at local landfills.

Less Intrusive Roof Option

A roof recover doesn’t require the tear-off the entire existing roof membrane. This is a favorable option during Florida’s rainy season as it does not expose the building’s contents to the elements.

Existing Roof Analysis

Aderhold Roofing has manufacturer trained roof inspection specialists that will analyze your existing roof system:

  • Number of existing roofing membranes
  • Current roofing system’s estimated remaining life
  • Evidence of leak history
  • Moisture in existing insulation layer – Thermal Imaging Scan
  • Structural integrity of roof deck

Once we’ve reviewed all the factors involved, we will work with you to make the right decision for your needs.

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